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The Gears Of The World’s Cultures


‘Equal opportunity, yes, of course! Equality, on the other hand — what a joke! What a sneaky little blade of an argument. Crushing slab of rock, terrible ceiling; great caterpillar chain riding over shattered bones and opportunities.’ ~ EON

Not all cultures are accountable for the same things at the same time. Some are more at fault than others at any given point in time. The weakest links, the reactionary players, the proud and the aggressive, the allergic and aberrant, the otherwise predisposed, banging their heads against stone walls like kids who don’t know any better, they’re all in the mix, doing their thing, screwing things up, down, left, right, every way possible and twice on Sunday, with spanners at the ready, or bombs, or maturity dates, or public mandates. To each their own.

Some are in the wrong place at the wrong time, suffering strokes of bad luck.

Some are caught in the wake of bigger players: bobbing, drifting, losing their composure, falling apart with every move, unable to keep up with the tempo.

Some are unprepared for the world awaiting them, demanding that the standards be lowered to meet their skills. Forget aspiration and development, they don’t do aspiration and development. They do regression, recession and downgrade, so that they may operate in levels they feel comfortable in . . . levels they can compete in without raising their game.

These last ones are usually the problem children: the repeat offenders. Weak or strong — both states apply — they deal with the world as if it were a playground commissioned for their pleasure and upkeep.

Others are not as entitled, but are equally reprehensible, unlucky or responsible for gross misconduct. They hit rock bottom after a golden age, as cultures often do, taking everything around them down the drain.

And some are just too strong to be held accountable, which means one must wait until the wheels turn. Their turn will come. Their face will meet the toe of punishment’s boot in due course.

It’s all a matter of Time.

Disturbed? Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE