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The First And Final Words Belong To Science

Good evening! This is your Random Truth (RANT) bulletin with your random fact.

Irma is a potentially catastrophic hurricane, the largest ever recorded in the Atlantic region.

Some people believe Irma is the direct and immediate result of climate change, and that without climate change Irma would not have come into existence at all.

Some people believe that Irma is the indirect result of climate change, a natural weather phenomenon that is fomented and exacerbated by climate change conditions to the point of becoming uncharacteristically dangerous.

And some people believe that Irma is the product of too much homosexuality in the world, or a black man in the Oval Office, or the North Koreans and their nasty agenda, or the Russians, or some other dumb shit, the kind of thinking typically encountered in the Westboro Baptist Church, the Taliban, or other such genius organizations, with a twist, of course, to suit their given dogma. The name of the God changes, the colors and creed may be different, but the logic remains the same — the ill-logic, to be precise.

One of the above three ways of thinking is batshit crazy and belongs in the middle ages. It is either loony-bin material or trash-heap-of-history stuff, failing to take into account the facts.

Here are the facts! Read them, read them again, pray if you want to, but let the science guide the politics, not the other way round, because science has the first and final word. Start electing people who believe in science, who can understand it and act on it, and we will have a better chance of dealing with these phenomena.

Keep dodging the issue, on the other hand, trying to serve your predetermined, pre-established dogmas and ideologies, whatever they may be, and you’re in for one hell of a century, and so are we, and we can’t allow you to do that to us, whoever you are, whatever your goddamn creed. We will shut you down if you keep looking at the world through the lens of medieval ignorance.


From RANT headquarters,

Stay safe!

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