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The Enemy’s Mind


‘Appreciate your enemies. They make you who you are.’ ~ EON

Inside the enemy’s mind you can find everything that makes you tick, everything that drives and compels you to act with a peace of mind that no anxiety can impress and no liability can unwind, rendering you immune to the frenzy of the insidiously unkempt, the incurably unmindful, the uncouth unkind and pretentious elements of life, whom you have made a point to pay in vicious kind whenever they present themselves to you, exchanging flesh for flesh and rind for bloody rind, until all that is left is a cloud of dust and a pile of ashes, reminding you that life is fleeting and kind only to those willing to play the game for the benefit of those they love in ways that promote their wellbeing and survival.

Inside the enemy’s mind you must venture to remind yourself of how to stay alive, and there you must dwell for as long as it takes, stoking up the power to gather your thoughts and steady your sights and pursue your vision to the very end, getting yourself out of the bind you got yourself into when you decided to blink, stop and hesitate as the pressure mounted, losing sight of your purpose and goal, wasting precious momentum and time.

Inside the enemy’s mind you must venture and grow, so that one day the enemy’s thoughts will be yours and none shall be able to define you in terms other than those you yourself design.

When that day comes, when you have developed and refined yourself to the point where you are inseparable from whatever it is you fear and dread, time will cease flowing and the great divide that separated you from all that you loved will be narrowed and bridged, and a great spine will grow through your vision and prop up the elements that span the horizons to give form to your words and range to your eyes, rising above the haze and striding, striding across the years until all that remains of the trembling old world are the scattered stories of men and women who feared their own shadows, who sullied their own dreams to the point where the air they breathed became heavy with deadly denial, all of it now left far behind.

Inside the enemy’s mind you must dwell to remind yourself of how you and I used to be separate back in the day when the world was undefined, back when spirits were low and the enemy out of reach and of no real use. Deep you must venture, setting your sights on what is important so that you may find what you’re looking for when the winds are changing and the time is right.

Intrigued? Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE