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The Delicate Complexity Of This Planet

A federal judge has denied the Trump administration’s appeal in a climate change lawsuit, paving the way for the unprecedented suit to go to trial.’ ~ Natasha Geiling for Think Progress.

Read this article (see link below). It contains everything pertinent to the state of the world at large, all between the lines, much of it unintentionally.

Start from the fact that this lawsuit was waved against the Obama administration, and take it from there.

Waved against the Obama administration. Understand what this means? How the onslaught on the environment is ongoing, systematic, and prevalent? How the people fighting to protect the health and sustainability of this environment have to deal with something way more pervasive than party politics?

That’s all there is to it. The ugly truth. The current state of the world — dilapidated, frayed — it traces back to systemic abuse. Not a partisan tragedy, not even close. It’s a bipartisan betrayal of public trust, a transnational fiasco.

To change the world for the better, putting a stop to the abuse that poisons our surrounding environment, and which wastes our limited resources, it will take more than partisan, or even bipartisan, reform.

We’re talking a transition from the human condition to something beyond, something that grasps the delicate complexity of this planet.

Food for thought.

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