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The Daily Mail Schengens Itself

How the flibbertigibbet did you think you were going to get controlled borders without spending more time looking at more people’s travel documents?

An entertaining albeit scathing takedown of the Daily Mail’s reaction to the admittedly long passport queues for citizens entering the Schengen Area …


BTW – The ‘Schengen Area’ sounds like something out of a Robert Ludlum novel (Brexiteers love the analogy!) but the ugly truth is that the only thing resembling Robert Ludlum’s canon, at least the villain part, is the Daily Mail. Its toxic print is out of control, as are many media outlets round the world, from the Sun to FOX NEWS, to Sky News and MSNBC, not to mention filthy disgusting Breitbart — and no, we’ve been pointing at the media long before the shit-hearted Donald Trump came to power.

Glad we got that straight.

From your delightfully confrontational Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.