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The Crime Of Climate Change Denial

There are a million positive things about democracy — I’m not exaggerating — ok, maybe I am — but there are a great many positive aspects to democracy and open debate.

There are also a bunch of negative components associated with these two approaches.

Since we have reiterated the positive again and again, let’s pay attention to the negative for a moment, try and get some perspective.

Here’s one . . .

Would less democracy / open debate solve the problem below? Would it get the countries and economies of the world to act on the threat of climate change? Not necessarily. But will more open debate and haggling and tinkering and fiddling in the rain solve it? Definitely not.

It’s an apt and useful insight. Sometimes the answer lies in the least horrible option, moving away from whatever has been proven to fall short, deceive, or malfunction repeatedly. We may not know what does work, how exactly to fix things, but what doesn’t work, it’s clear: we trash it.

It’s the scientific way. Do away with what doesn’t work to clear the way for what may.

So, how about the attitude below — think it’s time to be done with it before it gets us killed?

Dear climate change deniers. Here’s how it works. Your opinion doesn’t matter anymore. You either offer something meaningful to the debate, or your point of view will, over time, by the powers of logic, if not by default, be deemed an obstacle that needs removing.

Yes, this does sound awfully authoritarian. Yes, there is going to be a rise in Green totalitarianism the way we’re going, and that’s not a bad thing. There was once another movement that rose from the tide, and, sure enough, it took hold of the world, shaping things to come. It was called Law and Order, and it targeted crime and violence. It wasn’t perfect, but it drew a line, changing the debate, shifting society from utter barbarism to civil and relative barbarism.

The change may have been relative, but it did make a marked difference on the way people live — a regime of justice that we now deem natural, pack and parcel of civilization.

Climate change denial is a dangerous anachronism that cannot be tolerated for much longer. End of story. If you are a denier, either enter the debate with facts on your side, strong, solid data, aiming to solve the problem at hand, or make way for those who will.

From your take-out-the-trash Spin Doctor, and with a touch of EON,

Eyes open, mind sharp.