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The Brightest Stars Among Us Are The Scientists

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Good evening! This is your Random Truth (RANT) bulletin with your random throwback.

Today’s topic: pop culture screwing science in the cornholio, March 2014.

See, we get to watch, hear and get excited over the reactions of every model, singer, construction worker, antique dealer, logger, real estate agent and what have you on our TV about what it feels like to win, lose, make friends, enemies, money etc.

Reality TV, which we call entertainment.

In addition we have celebrity culture, 24/7. We get to hear everything about celebrities like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Co. — what they do all day, what car they drive, what weed they smoke, what brand makeup they wear and which finger they stuck up their asses while doing their crunches, and that’s not ok because it’s not that interesting or revealing (though the ratings would fool you).

We get to hear everything about them and our camera-aspiring politicians, these other celebrities of ours — what side of the bed they got out of and what they ate for breakfast and where they went to school and what dick they sucked on their way to elected or appointed office, and what money they took, what interest they serve, what nefarious organization they’re controlled by — sad stories, depressing, almost Bieber-like, only slightly more disturbing in terms of how they affect everyone.

Meanwhile something like this happens (see video below on an amazing scientific discovery) and all it gets is a measly little segment in a magazine called Gizmodo and a YouTube clip that has less hits that Gangnam style. Yeah, it gets covered in Wired and New Scientist, in Time magazine, and on CNN, BBC and Yahoo, but only for a day or two.

Then it’s back to reality TV and celebrity culture.

See, Bieber’s finger habits are more important and air-time friendly than science so the media attention shifts back to him and Miley Cyrus, Ciley Myrus, Kim Karassian, Kylie Genitals, plus our dick-sucking asshole politicians and their reality-TV-driven audiences.

And then you wonder why we still wallow in the thickest of muds, eating slosh and dreams concocted by the basest of individuals among us. Celebrating the average and bland, the loud but empty, all at the expense of the truly extraordinary, foregoing our chance to be lifted out of our shiny misery, out of our skin-surface culture and into a brave age.

Because we are more fascinated by tooshie and dough than we are by the world around us.

Yeay Gangnam style! Yeay Miley grinding!

Fucking apes.


From RANT headquarters,

Have a nice day!

PS – Here’s to the scientists, the visionaries and the explorers, who drink champagne out of red wine glasses because their mind is on the extraordinary, not on champagne flutes. No out-of-control glands and hormones to speak of, no shiny shit-show here. Just pure amazeballs excellence that matters. Here’s to our scientists and pioneers, the true stars of our world.