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The Bookshop And The Progressive Movement

Behold: today’s progressive movement captured unwittingly in a comedy sketch on illiterate know-it-alls who act like they know everything, are never pleased, and make a mess of everything without any clue on how to make things better.

Disclaimer: This comment doesn’t mean to imply that all progressives are self-important, pious, pompous pieces of work, or that they exhibit an overgrown regard for themselves, no, sir, madam, zelem, but! — yes, but! — enough of them do exactly that — go lollapalooza bonkers just because — that we can’t but make fun of their ignorant self-importance.

In other words, this is satire. Please enjoy this beautifully mad sketch and remember, if the satire fits more than one glove, check your hands and don’t blame the tailor.

From your socratic Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

The Bookshop Sketch | John Cleese & Marty Feldman | At Last The 1948 Show | BritBox

The original pre-Python version is absolute gold. ✨

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