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The Best Of All Worlds

london best of all worlds

With a bit of sunshine and good weather — a ray of light cutting across the road, perhaps catching part of the hanging gardens of Marylebone, and a blue sky in the background — this off-kilter picture might have stood out.

So would the emotional world of those traipsing, day in, day out, through this endless panorama of dulled, flattened imagery.

Then again, on the rare occasion when the sun does come out, one truly appreciates it, does not take it for granted as one tends to do where the sun shines all day long flattening things out in its glaring white-yellow flood, where a little cloud cover and shade, or a summer storm, are heaven-sent.

It seems that one can either find fault in everything, taking one’s miseries wherever one goes, or appreciate the unique aspects to every situation, be they bright and warm, or cool and reserved. One may even use the downside to a given situation to appreciate another, accessing the best of all worlds.

From the bays of Pearl Coast,

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