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The Beasts Are The Real Gods

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The outstanding moment when two of the world’s primates meet, the more sophisticated allowing the less sophisticated to be in their element and do their thing. The beauty of having the two come together in harmony. The magic of sharing a moment in time on this one of a kind garden of a planet.

Destroy it — the garden, the opportunity to sit with its inhabitants in peace where possible to observe life in its original form, the primordial underpinning of this world — and we fall from grace again, or for the first time in history, same thing. What difference does it make if this is the first time or the second or the tenth time one plummets from the summit?

What matters is surviving the fall, or, better yet, avoiding it altogether.

Earth is the garden of Eden, and we will fall from grace if moments such as these become obsolete.

To paraphrase Cormac McCarthy in his book The Road,

The beasts of the world are the real gods and we are their stewards. Nature is our great Rorschach test. Does life proliferate in our wake or does it crumble? Are we the good guys who carry the fire or the bad guys who carry the smoke and dust? If nature is not the word of God God never spoke, or maybe He did but we chose to lay everything to waste regardless.

Maybe we’ll figure it out in the knick of time, while there’s still a chance to preserve the miracles life offers.

From the bays of Pearl Coast,

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