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The Atlantic’s Senior Editor, David Frum, Leans On President Trump

Takedown Sunday. Because on the Sabbath he rested, and he rested to be able to reflect on what he did, to listen to the feedback and reconsider the crap he’d made, and in general reassess the situation, gather himself, and address all the faults.

We’re talking about God. The Lord Almighty, a famously perfect entity, and look at the state of the world he created. Entropy everywhere. Breakdown and degeneration that not even his six-days-on, one-day-off system could eliminate.

President Trump, on the other hand, well, He never rests. Such a workhorse that guy. Always works hard at whining and dining and blaming everyone else. A fabulous game changer. Making everything great again, most of all everyone’s loathing for His administration, plus their understanding that the dead polystyrene helmet on His head is probably the most animated thing about Him — that and His penchant for gross miscalculation and error, and His uncanny ability not to bounce back from His errors, giving ground for tweets and posts like these.

A total disgrace.

(Screengrabs from Occupy Democrats and Twitter)

One hundred days down, 1300+ to go.

From the bays of a choppy Pearl Coast, and in conjunction with Spin Doctor,

Fish a ton of oysters, be careful of the stream, and, most important of all,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

PS – We are giving in to the temptation to take swipes and jabs for the sake of laughs. We are aware of that. It offers a contradiction and conflict in our position — Pearl Coast and Spin Doctor have chided the mindless use of political satire over the past year. We will take a day off and reflect on the issue, and pick it up with a fresh mind. We’re probably not going to solve it right away, but we intend to own up to what we’re doing, searching for ever better and more efficient ways to deliver our material.