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The Art Of Covfefe

Listen buddy, if you’re going to do this twitter thing all day and night long, which is evil genius, I admit, at least spell things right. We’re wasting our time and energy to deal with you as it is, so your words better not be mangled. You’ve trashed decency, common sense, due process, and the illusion of a just society, and you’re decimating the spoken language. Leave the written language alone.


Of course, what you’re doing is probably not all fumble and drop. You misspell a word (intentionally or not, I’m not sure yet) and then leave it there for all to see and make fun of, prompting all the people out there who misspell things, of whom there are many, to form an unconscious connection with you, a kind of unspoken empathy toward you. Letting all the grammar Nazis step up and make fun of you (I am one of them, I admit), and all the comedians, and all the attention seekers, and everyone, and in doing so they give you a certain image. They make you appear like you’re being unfairly picked on and bullied, you sick twisted media-savvy bastard.

Like I said, your evil genius.

Be careful, friends, this is not as simple as it looks. Not everything is seat-of-the-pants with this guy, and even when it is, there’s a certain awareness to him, an angle that keeps playing everyone even as everyone makes fun of him.

A dangerous guy. Very dangerous. Very very dangerous. Very very very so very incredibly tweety lunatic.

From your ever-vigilant and syntax-driven Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.


UPDATE-related comment: And when you take the original tweet down, replacing it with this


you’re most definitely not covfefing your ass. You’re driving the point home.