I-Land is where memories and experiences turn into short stories, personal journal entries and narration in first person, part memoir, part fiction, exploring topics such as the relation between humans and the societies they live in.

That Great Moment

That great moment when you finish a piece of work nine years in the making, and then receive an email informing you that your work from a separate manuscript will be published in five days!

The piece getting published is titled Flames And Shadows, and it’s from a work in progress, a memoir (eleven years in the making) which I’m turning into a roman à clef – a fictionalized memoir. It’s titled The Other Dimension, and it’s unfinished. The excerpt can be found in Panorama Journal this Sunday, in Issue 4: Seen (more details soon).

As for the work I just finished, it’s called Rising, and I will be editing, redrafting and pitching it to poetry agents, publishers and journals. It’s a 13,000 word lyric-epic. If you have pointers, shoot!

Now I’m going for a coffee, a snack, and then on to the next manuscript. There are many.