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Thank God For The Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church is a godsend, reminding everyone what being an imbecile looks like

This post is a response to Mandela Hellbound, Says Westboro Baptist Church by Okigbo…

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) has shown time and time again that it’s a twisted organization. Its actions are vile, driven by hatefulness.

Which isn’t all bad news! There’s utility in what they do, a silver lining for us. The WBC’s putrid existence serves an important function by reminding everyone how not to be, think, or act.

In other words, Westboro Baptist Churchers – or whatever you call them – are examples to avoid.

Let me go as far as saying that I will defend these idiots’ right to say what they say, even if I downright loathe what they say. I mean, what better way to remind others how important it is to have some bone around the meat of one’s convictions, and some brain on top of that bone and backbone? Be you Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic, indifferent, in love with Justin Bieber or Jennifer Jason Leigh, or just plain eager to sell your point of view to others – whatever it may be, you need to back up what you claim with something reasonable, which the WBC is incapable of.

Its members are living proof that being a moron with a temper is a stinky prospect.

The WBC are the Christian but mentally-challenged version of the Taliban

Let me put it another way. The WBC are the Christian but mentally-challenged 
version of the Taliban. They’re far less organized and far-less powerful than their jihadi counterparts, limiting themselves to web harassment and ugly picketing.

Tangent: One ought to worry more about the more sophisticated Christian version of the Taliban i.e. the Tea Party. Outrageous as the TP’s arguments have become, its members have a very clever way of propagating their message. One could compare their effectiveness, cunning and organization to the Salafist movement in the Muslim world – two sides of the same bigoted coin. One is eager to establish an Islamic Caliphate through a religious-fascist Islamic fundamentalist agenda, the other one pushes a Crypto-Fascist-Racist American Nationalist agenda … But that’s another story.

Back to the loveable WBC: a group of inept and mentally twisted people who have somehow made themselves useful by being idiots. There’s no need to understand or forgive them. One mustn’t interfere with imbeciles when they’re busy undermining
 themselves. Let them cater to their own demise.

One mustn’t interfere with imbeciles when they’re busy undermining themselves

So yes, I do defend the WBC’s right to say what it says, even though I loathe it, because a) Its actions lead to the organization’s demise, and b) It reminds us how not to think, speak, and behave.

PS – WBC, you may believe that everyone is going to hell after they die, but the truth is that right now, as we speak, the only hell worth talking about is the one festering inside your minds and hearts, which we don’t envy you, and which we’re watching you suffer on TV with interest, grateful that you’ve taken it upon yourselves to be the morons everyone’s learning from.