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Tearing The Cocoon: Setting Sail Again


[Previously on TTC: If I am lucky, I may even realize that what I had been looking for all this time was much simpler than what I had in mind. In any case, I need to keep searching.]

I’ve been back in London for almost twenty-four hours and part of me feels I never left. Another part of me feels totally transformed. I don’t know what that means or how it will play out in the coming months. What I do know is that we each have a number of paths to choose from, some of which are blessed with the breeze of one’s own convictions.

Call this breeze Spirit. Without it I end up feeling suffocated and buried, committed to things I would prefer not to be committed to.

That’s how commitment got its bad name: by people who enslave themselves by choice, doing things spiritlessly, just because it is expected of them. Doing ‘what everyone does.’

I remain committed to the things I consider important to me, doing what I want to do, following the path where my spirit dwells. My dwelling. That’s where my true home is. In the path that carries my name, my choices, for whatever they’re worth.

I still have a couple of boxes to open. I will, when the time is right, maybe in an hour, maybe in a day, or next year. Whatever the case, I’m underway. I’m pushing out of the ‘harbor,’ setting forth, on my way to ‘life after the BTM shoot.’ There is much to be done. Wake of Liberty awaits. The BTM edit, release, and promotion are not far away. A book on a kid growing up in a small island, whose only recourse to sanity was writing (hint hint!), is about to be workshopped, with the aim of publishing it in the coming years. I have people to meet, who share my perspective, as well as people who disagree with me on all kinds of issues, and with whom I will converse in order to find out something new, something I hadn’t thought of before. There is much to be done with people who are willing to partake, to risk and make waves.

Exciting stuff, by all means.

Something worth waking up for every day.