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Success Requires Sacrifice


Disruption. Destruction. Reconfiguration. The great eye openers and brutal enablers of life and all things worthwhile. Only when you destroy everything do you understand the meaning of anything.

Too much? Maybe. But all good stories require hyperbole, even the ones that promote virtue.

Let’s take things all the way and see what happens.

Destruction enables creation. Darkness gives meaning to light. To register the world around you, you must immerse a great part of it in obscurity, keeping the rest illuminated.

How we doing so far? Push it a little more? Ok, here goes.

Success requires sacrifice. To remain active you must leave things behind and move on, keep moving, never stagnate. To remain mobile and energized you must burn stuff, both dead and living, inside your own body. You must eat flesh, animal or plant, it doesn’t matter, it’s all food. You must chew and swallow and digest something previously alive. Get that around your prissy heads. You’re killing machines, living gauntlets that move around, processing those unfortunate enough to grace the lower ends of your food chain. Your existence depends on the slaughter of innocents.

I think I’ll leave it right here. Plenty for you to digest, or vomit, depending on your disposition. Yes, I didn’t address all the aphorisms and platitudes I raised above, but I never intended to cover them all. I’ll do that sometime soon. Today’s aim was simpler — use a little spice to whip up an appetite for rare, honest truth by addressing the main claim: destruction powers everything and everyone. No exceptions.

Shocked? Watch this space for more. And say hello to the next thing you eat. Or the next things that eats you.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE