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Subject To The Whims Of Time


In the end (and forevermore) death is the function of life making progress on the river of Time. Life, when you stop dressing it up for prom, is a death-producing, death-riddled, loss-infested machine of wonder that shapes the world through incessant, awesome brutality.

And Time — Time, is Life’s eternal keeper and guardian.

Father keeps and guards Life because it entertains Him.

We rarely mention that part. Life entertains Time. He created it for that specific purpose, but we never mention it, we’re not supposed to. Acknowledging that Life is subject to the whims of Time makes everyone nervy and prone to all kinds of malfunctions, including surrender. It makes them relapse and second-guess their place in the world, helpless as they are in the clutch of progress, a progress that is amoral in the grand scheme of things, subject to Father’s whims, not humanity’s, or any of its invented deities.

It’s a very trying position to be in, subject to the whims of a God you haven’t imagined yet. I shouldn’t use the term ‘God’ when referring to Father, He finds is trite. He will have me attend another seminar on Timely Terminology, and they can drag on forever. My stupid sister Eternity, you see, it’s her seminar, and ‘she has all the time in the world,’ as she likes to put it.

Father finds it amusing.

Sometimes I wonder.

Whatever the case, it’s a trying position to be in, subject to the whims of an entity over which you have no control. It renders you helpless, insignificant, and the world you live in becomes less animated, which defeats the purpose of animating the elements in the first place.

Humans invent their own gods because they can identify with them and make them do things that make sense to them.

Time is far beyond humanity’s scope. Whatever little they do understand about Him, they want to steer clear of. It frightens them. It reveals how impermanent they are in the grand scheme of things.

Father has made it clear to me and my brethren and kindred. We should never mention to a living soul how Life came about and to what purpose it was created.

Of course, by ‘living,’ Father meant ‘biologically operational’ and ‘terrestrial.’ Other forms of life of different nature and persuasion have already graduated from this anxiety, regarding the world with wider senses, and we don’t have to mind our words and actions around them, not to this extent.

Still, I enjoy breaking the rules, especially when dealing with terrestrial forms of life and their narrow passages through time. It makes my mission more interesting.

I just have to make sure Father doesn’t find out, or any of my siblings, who would gladly snitch me out. Especially that little snitch, Age. She’s been meaning to get her claws on Earth for some time now, always looking to trip me up and steal my mission.

Intrigued? Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE