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Strong And Stable Strength And Stability

First comes the strong and stable video, in which Theresa May displays her strong and stable range in terms of a strong and stable vision, strong and stable public speaking, a natural strength in relating to voters, a stable leadership, a strong election campaign and a stable Brexit, and a generally strong and stable Britain led by a strong and stable prime minister and her very strong and extremely stable administration.

Then comes Jonathan Pie with one of his unstable, unhinged, ‘off-camera’ rants.

Of course Jonathan Pie forgets that things weren’t so rosey before the Tories. On the contrary, it was a Labour decade that precipitated the recession, or, as we called it here, the Doom and Gloom. The country was on the road to bankruptcy because of Labour policies that had borrowed against the future like there was no tomorrow.

Rarely does a pun fit so exactly.

But since we’re dealing with Brexitoryism right now, we can forgive the slips and omissions pertaining to the Labour fiasco and focus on the farce we call Theresa May’s Brexit and the return of Doom and Gloom.

Strong and stable.

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