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Strange Thoughts: A Detour

You know these thoughts we all have but pretend not to? They’re scary, aren’t they? They make us feel abnormal, bad, evil maybe.

Religion has a special place for people who have these thoughts, and so does a person’s conscience.

Ain’t religion a bitch, though, introducing evil to people’s lives so freely and gratuitously? ‘Abnormal’ is just as good a term as any to describe a condition, if not simpler and more manageable.

Then again, anyone who knows anything about psychiatry knows it’s catching up with religion, fast, laying out an even more dubious landscape. See, whereas you can burn in supernatural hell for all eternity after you die, with psychiatry you go to hell every day, over the course of your entire life. Sure, good behavior earns you a reprieve, but only if the gatekeepers feel like it, and even then you’re always on probation.

Just something to think about. Probably not your everyday thought but good enough for a detour.

Watch this space. And make sure you don’t lose your mind. If you do, you’re fucked. People will hold the label above your head till you’re dead.

Hell, ladies and gentlemen, just moved to earth, and it likes it here.

Did I mention you should watch this space?

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE