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Stop Happening, Hillary!

Hillary Clinton, please . . . Go . . . The fuck . . . Away!

Isn’t it enough that you handed the world to Trump? Now what? You want to reign over the ashes of your own party, or maybe suck the lifeblood from the progressive cause at large? How the hell can you call yourself a serious feminist when you keep playing the victim card? ‘Nothing was my fault, it’s everyone else’s fault, let me explain . . .’

Please, go ahead. Explain! — and try not to sound too much like the mansplainers you’re squaring up against.

Truly, utterly pathetic! The worst kind of mentality posing as a role model to young people round the world, men and women alike, yet no surprise. In this day and age we end up with Trump on the one hand, the big sick male bully, the narcissist prick, and Hillary the entitled bitter female victim on the other, the narcissist douche. Two sides of the same glib coin.

Go play with your tools, the both of you.

And Hillary . . . you lost, and you’re not going to win ever again, not on this stage. So go. the fuck. to sleep. We have Orangina to deal with, and you’re not helping.

Will someone step up, please, pick up the baton and allow the debate to move on?

You’re welcome!

From your vexingly forthright and I’m-not-having-any-of-it Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.