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Starshot: Stephen Hawking’s Latest Breakthrough

Stephen Hawking

While we were going about our daily business, something extraordinary happened in a conference room in Silicon Valley. A vision to explore space using breakthrough technology was made public, reconfiguring the premise of human existence.

It’s a hopeful piece of news. To find out that there are individuals and organizations among us devoting their time and energy toward the expansion of this world is a great comfort, a rare joy. Like our ancestors, we may finally break through our limitations, broadening our horizons and claiming a new world for ourselves. They did it, leaping from continent to continent using beasts of burden, then wheels, then ships, first marine then aerial, and we are now honoring their achievements by extending their efforts, taking our ships and voyages into the next frontier, deep space. We may yet fulfil our destiny to cross the boundaries and reach into the unfathomable, laying claim to parts of the cosmos previously unreachable.

In the process, we will change. Just like our forebears, we will evolve, adapting to the awesome new world we are venturing into. Living in terms of light years and dealing with oceans of void and remote planets and solar systems unlike our own will temper not just our resolve but our entire makeup. Our visions will shape our capabilities, and our capabilities will enhance our vision. Never has transcendence sounded so good, so potent, so within reach and so very delightful and tangible, open to all men and women, afforded through the real-life power of science, technology, and creative aspiration.

Faith in humanity temporarily restored.

Even EON is intrigued.

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