Base Camp is where visitors go to relax, unwind, and get familiar with an anthology of earlier material.

Speedballing Away

Stimulant to the left, fuzzy relaxant to the right

Speedball: a hit of cocaine mixed with heroin to produce a tremendous turn-on, tempered by a warm, soothing, fuzzy feeling of chilling out.

Some liken it to soaring in the heavens in a rocket ship whilst strapped into a warm velvety seat.

Others compare it to driving at 200 mph with the handbrake on — high chance of crashing, parts worn out, engine fucked.

Cocaine to the left, heroin to the right

I thought about it when out and about, surrounded by people stuffing themselves with coffee and carbs, speedballing themselves in a legal and culturally acceptable way. I thought about it when I took a bite out of my croissant, my cake, my baguette- cheese panini whilst sipping on my coffee or Coke or Sprite or Gatorade.