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South Park Do Black Friday (Winter Is Coming)

South Park has done it again! Its creators have come up with a series of episodes that make fun of a major cultural event, exposing it for what it stands for (tragicomic madness) and how it affects people (makes them crazy/pathetic).

The event is Black Friday, the shopping sale immediately after Thanksgiving. The price reductions, the offers, the discounts and rebates, the excitement and stress, the anguish over material goodies, the marketing spin, the media spin, the corporate wars over upgraded operating systems and the machinations behind every press release and update, the overnight queues at the stores, the violence and frenzy that brews during the countdown to the sales and the mania with which people explode to beat the next person to their chosen goodies, stampeding each other on their way in — all these dynamics make Black Friday the perfect setting for yet another of South Park’s notoriously scathing, critical parodies of human nature.

The backdrop to this Machiavellian parody?

Game Of Thrones! A grand, protracted, bleak, political storyline where intrigue and machination succeed one another in a torrential sequence of drama. A land where ‘winter is coming,’ where people have to prepare in advance so as not to be taken by surprise when the ‘dragons finally arrive.’

It works like a charm.

Here is ‘Black Friday,‘ the first episode of three: South Park’s Game Of Thrones tribute, with a flair for the ridiculous and sublime.

The episode is followed by ‘‘A Song of Ass and Fire’, and ‘Titties and Dragons.’