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*Soundbites That Change The World – 30 Seconds To Mars

(First published on Urban Times on 13th Sep 2011)

30 Seconds To Mars are the brainchild of brothers Jared and Shannon Leto. They hail from LA and are what you call a rock superband. With the help of a brilliant support team, great PR, and, most of all, electrifying music and meaningful lyrics, they’ve touched the souls of millions of young people across the globe.

Their message is clear. The world needs heroes, people to speak the truth and call things as they are, speaking for an entire generation of youths. This is a band that has its fingers on the pulse of a world looking for answers. They deliver their message loud and clear, bringing millions of individuals together.

Most important of all, they offer younger generations something to sing and live for, something to believe in.

Director: Bartholomew Cubbins AKA Jared Leto.