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Social Being


We all sat there and looked at each other without looking at each other. An easy thing to do when you know how. All you have to do is feel curious and embarrassed at the same time, and use your entire vision, central and peripheral, and use your body to communicate things that would normally go unnoticed — the jerk of a knee, a hand gesture slightly delayed and exaggerated. Flick someone off without moving a finger. Spew vinegar by turning your back on a person or situation you don’t like, or conjure up a wince that poses as a smile. Spin a web by causing a ruckus over something insignificant, and spray some love in the air by laughing out loud even when you don’t feel like it. Basic behaviors known and shared by every man and woman who’s ever roamed the jungle lounges and populated hangouts long enough to be alone among millions, looking at others without looking at them, being a social being in an antisocial world.