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So Far, So Good … Behind The Mirror

A Behind The Mirror blog entry …

This early Megadeth​ album served as one of the major inspirations for Xavier’s psyche and state of mind in Behind The Mirror (2015). I listened to it time and again as I began tracing out Xavier’s character.

In fact, the very first draft of the story began with a sketch that had Xavier listening to So Far, So Good … So What! while drinking bourbon by a bonfire on his front lawn.

The shooting script ended up capturing elements of the album’s overall esthetic, which led to a raw, furious, unbridled buildup toward the movie’s climax, a devil-may-care ride that saw the hero take on the entire world from his unhinged point of view, everyone be damned.

Prominent topics inspired from Megadeth’s song list included

lying and cheating (Liar),

a car crash (502),

individualism and the renunciation of norms (Anarchy In The UK),

alcohol and substance abuse (Into The Lungs Of Hell),

fire and catharsis (Set The World Afire),

bliss and psychedelia (Mary Jane),

mourning the loss of loved ones while also feeling betrayed by one’s inner circle (In My Darkest Hour),

censorship and coverup (Hook In Mouth).

Here is a link to the album:

Note that the scene ended up having Xavier toss cicada husks into the bonfire.

PS – Megadeth’s music was never included in the soundtrack, so here we are, paying homage to So Far, So Good … So What! on the album’s 30th birthday in a roundabout way.

Megadeth … Thank you for the inspiration!

Behind The Mirror trailer: