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Smoking Is A Poor Choice

Good evening! This is your Random Truth bulletin with your random fact.

Observe: the effects of one cigarette!

Now multiply that by 365 and you have your yearly result.

If you smoke more than one cigarettes a day, say 10, make that 3650 tar patches. If you smoke 20 a day, make that 7300.

Or you could just quit.

The first step toward quitting, of course, is to stop resisting criticism. Smoking is crap, end of story. The people who say so are right. If you don’t like the way anti-smokers are trying to convince you that you’re doing the wrong thing, tough shit. You don’t have an option. You’re hooked, you need help, this is the help, take it. This is the feedback, the facts. No alternatives here. No Kellyanne Conway slithering through alternative facts in some half-baked fantasy land where smokers get to somehow not have their lungs and internal organs devastated by smoking. Here’s the ugly truth, as ugly as the addiction that stares you in the face. You need to quit cigarettes, fast, because they fuck you up, you and everyone around you. Insisting on your right to keep smoking because your feelings got hurt when nonsmokers told you the truth — boohoo! Grow up! Calling anti-smoking activists names because of their tactics is to deflect the issue. You’re only harming yourself and those around you. You’re cutting off your nose to spite your face, or, more accurately, tarring your lungs to piss off your critics.

Way to go!

You can keep smoking until your lungs clog up, of course. Your lungs, your prerogative.

Or you could quit. Do it now, step by step, starting with your acceptance that smoking is shit, and that videos like these are smack on the money, and that the people who harass you to quit smoking are in the right, and that it doesn’t matter if they’re acting like self-righteous pricks when they pester you to quit, and that the sooner you stop throwing nicotine tantrums, the better it will be for your lungs — the lungs you’re raping with tarry smoke anywhere between 365 to 7300 times a year.

Your choice.

What’s it gonna be, puffmeister? A spited face i.e. a swamp in your chest,

or a turn for the better?

From RANT headquarters,

Have a nice day!

PS – Stop being the swamp!