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Risk And The Daily Horror News

‘Started the countdown …’

Flippant and fresh!

NB: Metal fans know that this band used to be called Faithful Breath. I think I knew this when I was sixteen, then forgot all about them, my tape copies in a storage box somewhere — then spent years wondering who the hell the Risk vocalist reminded me of — then rediscovered Faithful Breath and wracked my brain who their vocalist reminded me of until Google came to the rescue, and here we are.. Music is a trip!

Now back to writing:

‘I couldn’t stop thinking about our invisible prisons. Civilized violence everywhere. I kept dreaming of fantasylands where I flew in a blue sky and conversed with kindred spirits and felt at home. But every time I awoke it was like getting shoved back inside a crack in the wall…’ ~ from the creative nonfiction piece ODDLY INVIGORATED — a work in progress