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Rise Of The City-States On The Backdrop Of Climate Change Denial

As Washington DC steps away from its obligations to a cleaner and sustainable world economy, the states and cities rise to take up the challenge, forming the United States Climate Alliance. (see below)

The event marks a monumental shift in politics and culture. The rise of agency will be markedly awesome. This century will prove to be the century of city states, reforming the world drastically.

WAKE OF LIBERTY called it ten years ago when its very first draft came out, and continues to stand by that prediction. The world is in for one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

The problem is that the change will come at a price. The lay of the land will change, and so will the structures that keep it in operation. Life as we know it will cease to exist, giving way to a new paradigm. The cities will become like fortresses. Whatever lies beyond them will turn into badlands, country where the rule of law will slowly disintegrate, giving way to the force of militia, bandits, and local tycoons.

Some cities will come under siege from the surrounding countryside, or from mass waves of migrants, which will result in famine and chaos in and around the city walls, while some surrounding lands retain control on food production. Country interests may try to thwart city-state domination, squeezing supplies.

Which cities will stand strong and which will fall — which parts of the country will sustain their food production and rule of law, and which will disintegrate — it remains to be seen.

Whatever the case, this century will see a massive shift back toward city-state politics, citadel situations, wild country, and huge streams of migration.

This is your WAKE OF LIBERTY report.

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