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Righteous Humility


One’s lack of aspiration is a human right and privilege. Everyone’s lack of aspiration is a bane of universal proportions — global sabotage; catastrophe. The unwillingness to extend oneself beyond one’s comfort zone, beyond the general boundary of what is expected, all at the expense of what can be achieved, what a terrible waste of potential! A curse. A life sentence. A living, breathing nightmare that refuses to end. Cowardice of a special nature, affecting more than its immediate circle, if not the entire species to which it belongs, if not life in general.

Call it punishment served in quaint repetition, if not stagnancy. Maybe regression, collapse, an implosion ad infinitum.

The bitter reality is that the sugarcoating that adorns systematic acquiescence tends to dissolve with time. ‘Strength in numbers’ turns into groupthink, and the available options dwindle. The feelgood nonsense wears off, the bubbles run out, fizzling away, and all that remains is regret for having traveled the road more traveled, with convenience in mind.

Add to that a rash of pseudomorality designed to keep everyone grounded and in check — which ironically demands that people mentally scratch themselves where it itches until they dig themselves raw — and finish off with a dash of self-styled rapture at having done the right thing, and the cocktail of righteous humility is complete. Intelligence has been turned into livestock.

Intrigued? Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE