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Removing The Masks: Society’s Appearance | A Spin Doctor Special

[Previously on Removing The Masks: Breakdown and meltdown of the things we’d once deemed liberating, and which at some point in time were very liberating indeed, before the semen brigades went crazy on us, laughing their way to the bank, inviting more players to their feeding frenzy, turning the show into a circus, and us into beauty freaks.]

So much for cosmetics, masks, the beauty industry, and a little video that abuses beauty products. We’ve turned things on their heads, shaking things up.

So much for what we’ve taken for granted. Assumptions and presuppositions, all of them shot to shit, beaten, scraped, grated, trashed.

I love this approach. It’s an angle that sits well with me, at least on some level. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an anarchist or luddite. I value technology, beauty, sophistication, integration, performance. I adore the need for perfection, everything that leads to it, and despise all things anarchic and slipshod, of which the beauty industry has admittedly spared us, for a while anyway.

But this industry overshot its objective, and it’s time to bring everything around again, refocus and center ourselves.

The only way to center oneself when on the far extreme is to shoot for the other direction with a vengeance.

I’d like to leave you with a parting thought. Everything mentioned here, it’s just the tip of the iceberg, one example of countless others. Something to think about and extrapolate from. We could apply this line of thinking to many areas of life, subjecting all kinds of issues to the test, placing a gross of topics and fields under scrutiny until the ground falls from under them, exposing their true nature and intent, their unexplored and corrosive effects. Take them and their beneficiaries down, one by one.

I won’t, not just now. Sometime in the future maybe, yes, I’ll pursue the idea.

Note: If I don’t, you’ll find this topic in a sister project, WAKE OF LIBERTY. Under development.

And then there’s this other project called THE PEACEMAKER, in which a Mr. Charlie Sheen makes a cameo appearance. Plenty of evocative stuff in there, too.

For now, it’s all about extrapolating, connecting the dots, surmising our way through. If the beauty and cosmetics industry works like this, then what else can we apply these insights to?

It’s all about seeing through the masks, jabbing through the layers of makeup to change society’s appearance, subverting everything we’ve taken for granted so as to make way for a new way of looking at things. A new way of doing things.

That, and a little fun.

Ever crushed lipstick against a wall? It’s extremely satisfying, especially when taking in mind that most lipsticks are manufactured using body parts of animals abused and killed in the livestock processing plants of the loud-laughing, drunk, soulless motherfuckers — recently joined by a bunch of soulless motherfucking women serving on these sticky boards — have you thought about that? How these boards of cosmetics-driven men and women make a killing? They pass their industrial-strength flamethrowers over the planet, laughing all the way to the bank, making us think they have our best interests at heart — that their job is to make us, and life, beautiful.

Time to shred the masks and get real.

From your annoyingly symbolic and double-talking Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

For the video, see below

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