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Removing The Masks: Forget Makeup, Go Breakdown | A Spin Doctor Special

[Previously on Removing The Masks: So when you watch this video again, think about how the cosmetics industry started off, keeping in mind the loud laughter behind the closed heavy wooden doors, inside those sticky board rooms with their leather couches and ficus plants and concealed decanter bars. Think how happy those champs were when they came up with their golden idea, and how lucrative their decisions have been.]

This video attacks cosmetics, and an attack on cosmetics is an attack on the soul-sucking motives on which the beauty-and-cosmetics industry was propped, and how appropriate that is. The dangly oily scrotums that devised it deserve every suggested image in this video.

How’s that for spelling things out? Pointing the finger and calling things by their name … Peeling back the layers and dropping the masks, seeing inside the core of our being … It’s a dirty job, but it casts things in new light, ravaging the idols we worship. An inconvenient truth, yes, but the only way out of a mess, be it the kitchen-, the hall-, or the chaos associated with one’s headspace — the only way out of a mess is through the holes punched through it and the pieces in which we leave it as we make our way through.

Forget Vogue and GQ, ladies, gentlemen. Screw Vanity Fair, concealer, makeup and rouge. Fuck ’em. Go Breakdown instead — the new style, the only beauty that makes sense. The only foundation that matters is the one on which we prop our ideals. The tone we have to worry about is the one we’ll be using on the scrotums/dickheads who’ve been playing us for fools all these years to make money. Such is their power, so deep their effect, and our reaction should reflect that. Strip down the shit with which they’ve plastered us — correction, the shit they’ve convinced us to plaster ourselves with. Deny them their hold on us. The time has come to trade breakdown for uprising, upshot and rimshot (ding!) working the punchlines that contour our exploiters’ faces. A new kind of makeup for them, all bruise and pain, all natural, as it should be. All part of the new norm. Breakdown and meltdown of the things we’d once deemed liberating, and which at some point in time were very liberating indeed, before the semen brigades went crazy on us, laughing their way to the bank, inviting more players to their feeding frenzy, turning the show into a circus of beauty freaks and junkies.

So much for cosmetics, masks, the beauty industry, and a little video that abuses beauty products in a very artistic manner.

Part 5 to follow

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