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Removing The Masks: An Assault On The Cosmetics Industry | A Spin Doctor Special

[Previously on Removing The Masks: ‘Tag a girl to ruin her day,’ adds Charlie Sheen in the captions, sharing this video on his FB timeline.]

Best known for his role as Charlie Harper in Two And A Half Men, the seditious womanizer who went through women like Ozzy Osborne through a pharmacy shelf — not to mention Sheen’s real-life parties with pornstars; and his notorious ‘seven-gram rocks,’ which led to a real-life breakdown in front of the media, during which he ranted about tiger blood, droopy eyed armless children, and torpedoes of violence — I mean, Charlie Sheen’s out there. He means it when he says it: Tag a girl to ruin her day! Kind of.

To be fair, it’s online banter, and kind of funny, but you have to recognize the edge. Boyishly charming, yes, when taken in context, but still, it’s got an edge to it. One could call it borderline passive aggressive even — a sexist video posing as a joke, or art, if one discounts the fact that this annoying little video targets women’s cosmetic products, not women themselves.


Argument flipped. We’re not the objects we use — yes? — therefore an attack on the object is not an attack on those who use it.

In fact, it goes beyond that. This peculiar little video is powerful in its message, apt and symbolic. An attack it is, but not on women; on the contrary, when watched from a certain angle it’s an assault on the cosmetics industry, an industry which, unbeknownst to many people, was invented and promoted by a bunch of men back in the 50s and 60s — men serving on the boards of corporations looking for new markets to break into, new products and industries to launch, lucrative opportunities with which to become rich and famous and powerful and desired.

Guess what! These dudes nailed it. They talked it over, reading the signs, the emancipation of society and its tide-swelling obsession with good looks, realizing they could make a shitload of bucks by revolutionizing the cosmetics industry.

They went ahead with their plan, full throttle.

First target, the women!

Part 3 to follow

For the video, see below

Tag a girl to ruin her day! By: ProvidrVia: DADA Beauty – 다다 뷰티 / https://goo.gl/usWORl

Geplaatst door Charlie Sheen op Woensdag 31 mei 2017