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Reminiscence And Fantasy

Reminiscence and fantasy – like wishes, dreams and aspirations – are conjured out of thin air.

Reminiscence is based on events that happened, while fantasy hinges on events that could, might, or ought to happen.

One involves memory and recollection, the other engages projection, planning, and wishful thinking.

Both processes are functions of the mind and, to a degree, intangible.

Then there’s the world of wishes.

Most wishes are a combination of memory and fantasy, expectation and dream.

We have them on a daily basis, working hard to make them part of our everyday reality.

Wishes are as illusory and made-up as tainted memories or a false story we tell ourselves. Everything we process mentally is created out of the clefts of our synapses, conjured out of our ability to intellectualize space, activity, and the intervals between events, giving rise to the actions we engage in, the motions we go through, the emotions they come with and the time that joins or separates them, depending on our point of view.

We live in a made-up, dreamlike world, to each our own, but all together.

Sometimes we wish it were easier, different, simpler.

Time will tell.

From the bays of a star-studded Pearl Coast