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Refreezing The Arctic

Arizona State University leads the way in fixing a broken climate system. The idea is to use wind turbines to add an extra meter of ice on the Arctic sheets, preventing the ice from melting. The project would involve at least 10 million turbines and would cost an estimated $500 billion dollars.

Liberals and conservatives should rejoice. Not only does this idea address the current climate problems in terms of science and informed action, it also gives birth to a new economy. Think of all the God. Damn. Jobs this project would create.

Straight out of Carl Sagan’s Machindo concept in Contact (see here), this enterprise, as the article says, is so crazy it might just work, frustrating the recession of the Arctic ice sheet while at the same time offering a scientific-economic platform with which all political parties and creeds ought to be content.

It’s a good day in the annals of human progress. We may just rise to the occasion and graduate with honors after all, earning that much-coveted degree in the field of Intelligent Life and Survival, the one we seem to be faltering in lately.

Something to look forward to.

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PS – Go Arizona State Sun Devils! (The irony is wonderful.)