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Rabid Omnivores

We are monkeys. Our actions speak for themselves / ourselves.

If you take offense at the comment, unwilling to be characterized and represented by the most atavistic in us (and among us), deeming the above a gross and inaccurate generalization, here’s a fact:

We are ruled by monkeys. Across the board, monkeys everywhere, in all the high places.

That either makes us monkeys, or it makes us creatures over whom monkeys rule (I don’t know what’s worse).


After the fact, of course, comes the echo of inconvenient truth in the form of total and convenient silence, or cries of indignation and outrage at the insulting and triggering syllogism.

And here we go again, shooting — or sideswiping — the damn messengers like we’ve always done, since day one, pretending we didn’t see anything. We posture our way into professed nobility, if not self-proclaimed (and utter nonsense) divinity, because it comes naturally to us.

Monkeys is what it boils down to, complete with all kinds of garb, a fetish for ritual and a knowledge of politics, economics and  — last but not least — ballistics.

And language. We love to dress our actions in fancy words, which we then disseminate around the globe because we’re masters of mass communication and information exchange.

Pity we can’t exchange wisdom between ourselves. How we stick to the subjects of ‘Shut up — no, you shut up!’ — ‘My rights are more important than yours! — ‘Peace at all costs, including war!’ — and so on and so forth, all the way down to our basest instincts.

We’re either monkeys, or have simply allowed the monkeys to run amok.

Anyone who’s had a monkey escape the cage (I have, many years ago) knows how terribly hard it is to put it back inside.

What’s a monkey doing inside a cage, you ask? Good question. It shouldn’t be there (unless it’s somehow found a way into your home, trashed the place, and is for some reason telling you how the fuck to live your life. A cage is the least you can do for that kind of maniac.)

The monkey I was chasing, though, the one that got away for a while, was a victim of human vanity. An exotic pet that should not have been turned into a commodity.

In other words, a long story for another time.

As for the monkeys I mentioned earlier — well, they’re victims of human vanity, too, but the difference is they’re responsible for the pathetic nature of the world we live in. Under their thumb (or is itour thumb? after all, we elect them — support them — champion them) the world remains stuck in demi-Darwin mode, unable to evolve. Still screaming and grinning, showing teeth and swinging our proverbial dicks around, we’re unable to communicate and cooperate, training our little ones to mimic and compound our shortcomings, fighting over dominion of the ‘forest’ even as we chomp it down with our upgraded molars.

Because we’re not just monkeys. We’re rabid omnivores with high technology and the power to rationalize even the most base course of action, all in the name of overinflated egos, limbic pride, and fancy ideas that have run amok.

And then you wonder why history keeps repeating itself.

Some of us, of course, would point out that we’re far worse than monkeys (the poor things just ape around, being silly) whereas we, when you think about it, are, in fact, human.

Far more dangerous than monkeying around.

It’s an unpopular fact that no one likes to acknowledge — because if we did, we wouldn’t speak of the humane thing to do or the glories of humanity. We’d be rushing to grow out of our catastrophic state of existence. Our human shell, this once glorious evolutionary model, which currently overflows with political and cultural rabies, would be ditched, and we’d aspire toward an existence more becoming of sentient beings. We’d respect and cherish the planet we call home, the likes of which we haven’t yet found in the observable universe, and grow beyond our humanity, leaving behind yesterday’s atavisms, once and for all.

A world beyond humanity and its monkey legacy. A person can dream.

From your unmitigatedly forward-thinking Spin Doctor, with a touch of EON,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

And watch this space for more.








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