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Putty Social Justice Warriors (Chanting ‘From The River To The Sea’)

A reminder that today’s social justice warriors including the student bodies that are itching to find a cause to fight for and make their mark in this day and age are surprisingly clueless, or easily deceived, or manipulated to an extreme degree, or the victims of their own misplaced eagerness.

So they wanted to protest the brutal conditions faced by millions of civilians in Gaza, and they ended up chanting ‘From the river to the sea,’ which made Hamas and their sponsors, the Ayatollah Iran, smile from ear to ear.

And so it goes. Hamas’ and their Ayatollah sponsors’ goal to eradicate Israel, and the motto that encapsulates that goal, were picked up by these putty social justice warriors whose intentions may be good (debatable), but whose revolutionary worth has been grossly inflated, exploited, even abused by players far more sly than they are.

Careful, fellas.