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Prometheus: World Premiere

Yesterday, May 31, was the world premiere of Prometheus, the much-anticipated sci-fi film by Ridley Scott. Fans of the legendary director have been waiting long for this. There has been a huge hype in the press and on the internet about it. Rumors were abound, giving and taking, answered by responses that weren’t really answering anything. Is this an Alien prequel? No, it isn’t. Does it have anything to do with Alien? Yes, it does. Will it explain how Alien came to be? Well, it’s going to explore the same universe, touching on related issues.

So what’s the film about? It’s about the discovery of mankind’s origins.

Can you tell us a little more about that? Yeah, it takes place on a remote planet.

Is a spaceship involved? Yes.

Is Weyland Corporation part of the picture? Yes.

Can you tell us more? Yes, look out for the viral video …

And so on and so forth, in so many words. The hype built for months. In the process, fans and the press managed to piece together what Prometheus is about, kind of. The movie has a similar theme to the Alien film, but it explores different topics. It’s part of the bigger story, yet separate in its own right. Independent and ambitious. And above all, a Ridley Scott sci-fi.

Few projects have a signature so recognizable and respected as a Ridley Scott sci-fi movie.

The stars gathered to watch the world premiere of Prometheus at Leicester Square, London, last night. Today it opens nationwide, as well as in other parts of Europe, and a week later it opens in the US and elsewhere.

The Locomotive Team were there to bring you some pictures from the blue carpet.