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Prog Rock Shred

‘Magma, the French prog band, invented not only its own L. Ron Hubbard–style cosmic origin story but its own language (Kobaïan, which reads like a sequence of Gothic expletives: Nebëhr gudahtt, Köhntarkösz). Again, very creative. But run, oh run, from the music.’ ~ James Parker

The greatest takedown of prog rock I’ve ever read. It tears through the magnapompiscence like a knife through butter.

But time will be kinder to prog rock. It’s not as awful as that. Perhaps not the end of music history, as it had made itself to be, this genre of music was not totally self-involved, or failed. It may seem this way right now, but we’re rebounding from the overtechnical, flirting with tunes again, so we’re a little harsh on it. Prog rock has its place in culture. The good quality stuff will remain, earning their place in the history of music.

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