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Products Of Their Environment


Those who rise to power through elections are the products of their environment. They are placed there by the power of other people’s choices. They are the results of the people who gave rise to them. The outcome of their surroundings. The offshoots of the culture from which they rose.

If they’re neither products nor results, outcomes and offshoots, or anything of the kind (because the ‘nurture’ argument only goes so far, and one has to consider ‘nature’ at some point) they’re victors: individuals who overwhelmed their environments with their personalities, despite the odds, enforcing their dubious agendas on those around them.

What does that say about their environments? It says they’re weak. It says they’re permeable, and prone to manipulation, and conducive to failure, and, last but not least, it says about their environments, very clearly and in terms of outcomes and results, it says they’re directly related to the jerks now in power.

Put simply, the people whose democratic functions give rise to scum cannot, will not, and should never be absolved from the responsibility of having allowed things to form in the way they did, especially when the fiascos under scrutiny are not the result of a one-off mishap, or a fluke, or even an aberrant anomaly — when they’re instead the product of decades-long activity that never went away. When the carnival repeats itself without end, recycling itself into form, day in, day out, year after year, decade after decade, creating the monstrosities one observes so clearly . . . I mean, in the wake of such a mess, dare you call the people out of whom such catastrophes spring — dare you call these people innocent bystanders? Dare you absolve them from all responsibility?

If you do, you’re a fool and a liar, and you’ve got another thing coming. You’re most definitely and without any reservation going to be crushed in another vicious circle of (partially) your own making, and you deserve every life-crushing spin that comes your way.

See, this is the way Time gets rid of the chaff.

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From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE