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Pederasty In Turkey

‘The proposal, a copy of which was seen by Reuters, would allow sentencing in cases of sexual abuse committed “without force, threat or trick” before Nov. 16, 2016 to be indefinitely postponed if the perpetrator marries the victim.’ ~ Reuters

Note: the referred-to victims are underaged women.

Behold! The 21st century gets blown off course, taking a turn back into the middle ages.

A stark reminder that on some things you don’t negotiate, nor do you entertain them on grounds of ‘culture.’ Some things are outright indecent and criminal no matter what. You can’t invoke religion, culture, or tradition to defend them.

Put another way, people round the world have been fighting the crime of institutionalized pederasty in the Catholic Church and other denominations and religions for decades (centuries?), and it’s time to take the fight to Turkey, where pederasty is making a comeback, care of the state.

End of story.

Those who deem this reaction Western cultural imperialism, no one cares. Call it what you will. Turkey, and wherever pederasts get a get-out-of-jail-free card, need to be called out and made to reverse course. There’s no room for reservations, distractions, or deflections. Stay focused, pointing a finger at those who enable pederasty. Stop them in their tracks, no exceptions.

If you disagree, step right up and explain why. Please. Go ahead.

From your refreshingly unremitting Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.