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Pearlcoastius, Spindoctorius, Eonius: An (Olympic Special) Exposition On The Nature Of Obstructions

2011 nature valley grand prix. Mechanics and officials try to sort out the bikes and bodies from the crash. Photo: Casey B. Gibson |
2011 nature valley grand prix. Mechanics and officials try to sort out the bikes and bodies from the crash.
Photo: Casey B. Gibson |

With the Olympics underway and the athletes of the world striving to excel, their teams bringing up the rear, the entire city of Rio devoted to providing a positive experience and the world’s media monitoring their every move, giving audiences around the world something to root for — in the midst of this delicious frenzy, here’s a small caveat, a little something to keep in mind:

Don’t be a clot (see image above and video-link below).

From the bays of Pearl Coast,

Fish a ton of oysters, throw away the bad ones.

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Some people are specialists at being clots, making a living out of it. Making religions and political careers out of it. If something can be constricted, they constrict it, and if it can be collapsed, even better.

Some do it on purpose. They love getting in the way.

Others can’t help themselves. They’re at the wrong place at the wrong time, hard as they try not to. Nothing they can do about it.

Don’t be one of them. Be a player, a contender, make something out of your time and resources. See how far you can go. Challenge yourself. Be challenged and push the boundaries, raise the stakes and break new ground.

If you’re a spectator, be constructive and express your love for your sport, not your prejudices and insecurities.

If you’re a handler, or a member of staff, know what you’re doing. Don’t be a walking catastrophe, a lump of matter. Be a catalyst. Be at the right place at the right time. Be useful, or do everyone a favor and make yourself scarce, and be quick about it, too, because no one likes an obstruction. A dam maybe, a check, a balance, yes, but not an obstruction.

From your annoyingly New Age-y and distressingly allegorical Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

PS – Obstructions. There’s always one. It’s all it takes (see image above and video-link below).

PS 2 – The world is endless allegory.

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PS 3 – The featured video also carries an EON message. EON readers know where this is going, how it works, or, in this case, malfunctions. Entropy, dear sapiens. Something you’re extremely familiar with. The nature of dynamic systems, of which humanity is part, how fickle and sensitive. Take nothing for granted. What you see in this video happens all the time across the human board, in families, businesses, administrations, vacations, expeditions and endeavors of all kinds. There’s always one, a clot, an obstruction, and he or she always makes things worse for everyone. In America, for example, right now it’s Trump, the biggest clot of them all. Or is it Bernie, the firebrand leveler with his tightly-banded, super-clotted supporters? How about Hillary Clinton and her flip-flopping approach to life, making headway on a number of important issues while compromising the rest, perpetuating the very system that made it possible for Trump and Bernie to ascend the ladder in the first place, and with such unprecedented ease and allure, too? Who’s the real clot? Hard to tell in politics. Not everyone agrees as to the nature and direction of the race, and the plot thickens, and so do the world’s bloodstreams. One person’s champion is another’s obstacle. One person’s barricade is another’s obstruction, and wherever you look there are people tripping each other up in an attempt to stay ahead, or simply because they don’t know any better. They just stand there, wondering what all the commotion is about. Quite the anti-race, an orgy of constrictions and bottlenecks, creating a series of pile-ups. Such a waste of good flow, a masochistic paradox.

PS 4 – If one were so inclined, one could call humanity a peculiar mixture of sublime excellence (everything ticking like clockwork, excelling in its own right) borne out of tenacious achievement and the ingenious application of available resources and potential — that, and, on the other hand, good old anal retention, a fixation on holding everything in and not letting go. An insecurity so severe, so self-obsessed, it inflames the system to the point of bursting; life and everyone associated with it revolving around that taciturn body part involved in the dispensation of refuse, which, too often for comfort, refuses to dispense, leading to all kinds of cramps, piles, blockage, bloating, sphincter elastics and other punishing hold-ups, resulting in a series of accidents.

PS 5 – Asshole. Don’t be one. If you are, make sure you deploy yourself responsibly, in the appropriate locations, nowhere else. Block what you have to, when you have to, and clear the way when necessary. Don’t be a manhole, a pinhole, a clot, but don’t be a gash either. (More on that affliction some other time.)

As to not suffering the whims of the clots and assholes out there? Not much you can do about it other than push your way through. Simple as that. Make your way through the obstructions and you get to see the dawn of a new day.

My name is EON, child of Time, and I am devising a post-infarction world.

Vexed? Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE

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