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Our Unreasonable, Wishful-Thinking Immigration Policies

These are days of rest and calm for many people round the world, but even now – perhaps especially now – it’s important to keep an eye out for the sinister so that it doesn’t sneak up on us.

As everyone knows, the straw-wigged sheister with a heart of coal is making a comeback in the US. And he’s amped up his rhetoric yet again, talking about ‘poisoned blood’ etc., making people wonder how much more evil this person can get.

It’s time to ponder on this yet again. Let’s start with a truism: issues left untreated tend to fester.

And the alt-right with its shit-hearted uber-troll is all too eager to convince you that the disease are immigrants.

But I, and many people like me, know for a fact that the real disease is the inability of the center to address the current problems of immigration in a sensible manner, as they relate to our largely unsustainable economic, financial, and business approach.

The problem, in other words, is our unreasonable, wishful-thinking immigration policies (and not immigrants themselves). These policies, like it or not, have begun to rot, giving rise to pathogens and microbes such as the evil troll, his evil drones, and their hateful but increasingly popular politics of xenophobia.

If things are allowed to continue down the current course, with no one stepping up to address the issue, the following scenario (see pic) will most likely become our blueprint: something written in 1939 about what happened from 1930 onwards in Berlin, Germany.

From your socratic Spin Doctor

Food for thought..


PS – I, personally, think there’s a huge problem with immigration in many countries, as things stand; and that this problem needs to be addressed with bold and decisive action, now! No more pandering to a failed ur-socialist / quasi-humanist / hypocritical agenda that is more ideology-driven than anything else. No more hot-potato-ing the issue or passing the buck. It’s time the center assumed control of this matter and finally did something about it. Seize the initiative from the fringes of the alt-right etc. and tackle the immigration complexities with resolve, taking the sting out of the issue – and out of extremist politics, fast! Now. Better late than never.

It’s nearly four years since the troll got voted out of office. I was hoping that we, the reasonable, might have figured out how it works by now: the more we refuse to look a problem straight in the face (because we fear our own shadow), the more working space we give to the troll’s hateful rhetoric.

What we ought to do instead:

Treat the problem now..

1) Regulate immigration in a more efficient manner, and

2) Make sure to never demonize immigrants.

In other words, praise immigrants, value them, treat them fairly. But curb/stem/halt/scuttle/shelve our ideologically-driven, wanton immigration policies. They have been politically instrumentalized, and are ineffective and out of touch with reality. They need decisive reform.

In other words, let the center rise to the occasion and find reasonable and practical solutions that contribute to more sustainable political systems.

If not, the center will not hold, and we all know what happens when the center doesn’t hold, especially in places like Europe and North America. If these continents lose their (our) grip, it’s trouble for everyone. (Fearmongering? Or truth?)

PS 2 – The excerpt in the pic is from Christopher Isherwood’s pre-war novel Goodbye to Berlin. Let it be a warning to us all. Do we really want a repeat of this hateful era? Let us instead devise policies that address today’s failed ideologies in a manner consistent with an open and functional society.