Feeling agitated or adventurous? Enter Tornado Country to witness the fury of Spin Doctor as he analyses the ins and outs of the modern world, tears down old preconceptions, and glimpses into history with an eye on the future.

Our Conflicted World

‘Change requires effort, but progress requires more. It requires sacrifice. That is the tragic irony of the human condition.’ ~ Spin Doctor

Our conflicted world. All too human, really human, man, woman, children and the elderly screaming, fuming, I am human only human wholesome homebred sense-driven human, excuses, nonsense, playing dumb to the beat of a savage drum, human monstrosity the big kahoona, the elephant in the room trampling everything it can throw its weight on, wheelin dealin playin deceivin, pleading with one hand, killing with the other, idiot savant future in the making and on a sustained rampage slaughtering life in the name of an all too human nature doing all too human things because human is the new Neanderthal, and we fear to admit it.

Time to admit it. Make it an official position and deal with it. Get this farce over with, once and for all.

Let the upgrade begin.

If you find this point of view disturbing, remember that the democratic and civilized world you live in exists only because some firebrand visionaries rose up against tyranny and struck it down with such ferocity, it fell apart.

They were, of course, struck down themselves, these pioneers. They were shot in the back, as pioneer-life goes, in the name of ongoing progress by other pioneers and visionaries.

And life was upgraded, for a while.

And so on, and so forth.

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