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Our Ailing Ecology Anthropomorphized – Part Two: Aspirational

Hi! Here is Part Two of my story OUR AILING ECOLOGY ANTHROPOMORPHIZED for Panorama: The Journal of Travel, Place, and Nature‘s Issue 11..

The subtitle of Part Two is: Aspirational (yes, right on the nose) and it has to do with the lengths that life will go to, come rain or shine, revelation or apocalypse, to stay alive.

In closing, a not so gentle reminder: out of the remains, life will rise. Nothing goes to waste, not even pain. All moments count, starting now. Today may not be a good day, but tomorrow – or the day after – will be better. Life goes on, at least for those who dream, breathe, and look ahead at all times, against all odds. ‘It’s all about endurance. Outlast the pressure and everything is possible. And when it’s time to go, let it be. Fall without regret, knowing you’ve given it your all, and more.’ It’s all we can do, and it’s enough.