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On Sustainable Agriculture And The Importance Of Balanced Grazing

‘Our ecology evolved with large herbivores – with free-roaming herds of aurochs (the ancestral cow), tarpan (the original horse), elk, bear, bison, red deer, roe deer, wild boar and millions of beavers. They are species whose interactions with the environment sustain and promote life. Using herbivores as part of the farming cycle can go a long way towards making agriculture sustainable.’ ~ IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD, VEGANISM ISN’T THE ANSWER

A reminder that lasting solutions are found in mindful, spherical courses of action, not ad hoc ideology, no matter how well meant said ideology is.

Because Bolshevism, too, was well-intended, and so was free market fundamentalism, and so was Whig history and religion and a number of causes-turned-ideologies gone awry.

Bottom line, when one puts ideology before (or above) fact, shit happens. When the reverse takes place, starting with action that works, ideology follows, and what an ideology it is. It stems from informed initiative, and it has a higher chance of surviving the alternatives.

In the end, we have a choice. Go vegan, fruitarian, luddite, religious, Christian, Muslim, animist, libertarian or whatever the hell it is we deem larger than life, or go functional, taking stock from life and the data it throws out to develop ourselves in ways that will see us thrive.

From your insistently combative, socratic, pragmatic Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.