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On Bigots, Bigrants, The Bi-utiful And The Bitchin

People hate bigots.. until you inform them that bigots are nothing but diverse, next-level gots with twice the options and double the worldview (along the lines of the bisexual, the bipartisan and the bilateral).

Also, bigots are huge fans of Game of Thrones and Got Milk – and when people register this, they turn around and adore bigots.

People also adore bigrants. Bigrants bigrate, which is twice as good as migrating… or a single measly grant. I mean, bi-grant!

Isn’t it lovely? What’s not to like? We respond positively to anything that’s double the goodness. It’s in our nature. We’re a bipedal species living in a bipolar world that spins around a binary sky in a beautiful manner (because bi-utiful is the bomb while plain utiful is lame). Our reality constantly bifurcates and our most important anniversaries are our birthdays (rthdays don’t count for shit). We are bifocal problem solvers who operate through a biological template (ology alone is for losers) and we are powered by a binary code. It’s like riding a bicycle down evolution’s highway, making the most of what was once a one-dimensional, monotone situation.

Isn’t life bitchin?

Until next time, bi-bye!

From the bays of a windy Pearl Coast in a world that makes less and less sense