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None The Wiser | An EON Special


‘Langur monkeys fret and mourn over a robotic doll monkey designed to record them in their natural habitat. (see video)

‘A similar thing happened 2000 years ago when aliens left behind a high-tech mannequin called Jesus Christ.

‘Of course, as everyone knows, these aliens were diligent researchers. Jesus Christ the broken-down Mannequin was fixed in a few days, and the whole world went apeshit.’

Like it or not, the cynical and crass commentary above reveals in less than sixty words how little humans have evolved over the millennia on certain aspects of life, important aspects, and how magic and religion and all kinds of mystery and awe are functions of that which people don’t understand, forces which may preside over life at large at any given point in time, conducting research for their own purposes, yessiree, and people would be none the wiser no matter how sapient they claim to be.

It’s a tough process, not being at the top of the ladder.

It’s even tougher to look in the mirror.

Don’t like what you see?

Tough bananas!

Or, perhaps, and here’s the more mature, rational response, you could face up to the data. See how humanity is all too animalistic in some respects, instinctually bound to its primal past despite its self-described sophistication and evolution; all too restricted in its viewpoints and reaction patterns, starting from the ease with which it can be duped, much like its four-handed ancestors in the featured video, and, more importantly, continuing with how easily humans are given to outrage at the slightest mention of their limited state of affairs — the rage they display toward anyone who dares challenge their deeply-held beliefs and overall choices.

Point out the truth and they will rip you apart as easily as they mourned over you back when they deemed you an innocent baby.

Even that poor, caring Jesus Christ. Wasn’t he (He?) (It?) cut to pieces by the colony of humans in which he operated, all on account of how he’d called out the Pharisees and Scribes and their filthy, self-serving games of power, their blatant and sanctimonious abuse of religious authority? Their convenient collusion with the occupying Roman forces?

Yes, Jesus called out the despots and bigots and demagogs of the day, them and their devotees, only to be crushed by the people at large, all because they didn’t appreciate their way of life being shown up, even if Jesus was making sense all the way from humble Nazareth to the fancy city of Jerusalem.

Indeed . . . and that there Bang you just heard in the distance, it was the big head of one more self-righteous know-it-all exploding with indignant rage.

That’s how it goes. Unable to process the information presented in takedowns like these, many heads go pop!

Vexed? Watch this space for more, or turn away and play make-believe, religious or secular (after a while, it’s the same thing).

Your choice.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE