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Newsroom’s ‘Will McAvoy’ Gets His Facts Wrong | A Spin Doctor Special

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In memory of Edward Albee, one the greatest playwrights of our time; a specialist on the desperate situation of the modern condition and the angst that accompanies it.

In this much-circulated video clip, not only does Jeff Daniels and the producers go full McAvoy (NEWSROOM) on HillTrumpry, they also provide us with some interesting facts in the show’s trademark rant-style.

My personal favorite: how Cyprus is governed by women (says the fast-talking ‘McAvoy’) making the elect-a-woman-leader factor just something America has failed to do after all this time, as opposed to a bunch of other countries.

My second most favorite part: How Liberia makes the list.

The problem is that Cyprus is not ‘governed by women.’ Liberia, yeah, it has a female president, though there’s a lot to say about the power and safety of women in Liberia, or places like Liberia, where being a woman is one step away from being treated like a punching bag, a sex-discharge receptacle, or livestock, regardless of whether a woman is/was president/leader in said places . . . Pakistan, for example . . . Or India, where there’s such a thing as rape culture, in the largest democracy in the world (talk about vacuous terms).

Luckily Cyprus is not such a country. There is gender discrimination and abuse taking place on the island, sure, like everywhere else, but, unlike the places mentioned above — and many others like them — the women in Cyprus are protected by the law, the religion, the culture, the deep state, and every institution in operation except perhaps the very old, very fanatical clergy, and some villages where time warps are a thing.

All in all, it’s a great time to be a woman in Cyprus. In fact, if anything, it’s the men who . . .

Alright, first things first. The facts. ‘McAvoy’ mentions Cyprus as one of the many countries in the world governed by women. Fact is, there has never been a female President in Cyprus, or a female Head of Parliament.

It matters, at least in this case, regarding this video. I mean, one thing you should do when criticizing the culture of distortion and the bending of facts is: get your damn facts straight! As much as I would like to agree with Mr. Jeff ‘McAvoy’ Daniels, Cyprus is NOT governed by women. Never has been.

Cyprus households, on the other hand, at least those in the cities, at least most of them, in the past twenty to thirty years or so, well, that’s another story. Cyprus marriage. Not run by men. I said NOT run by men.

Which is a great victory for women, and, frankly, they deserve it. Men have been screwing up a bunch of social and cultural and domestic issues for too long to get away with it. Time for the new kids in town to call the shots in everyday life.

That’s right, the guys are on a leash, and rightly so. They played, they lost, they’re paying the price. Women call the shots, well, most of them, in many households. Not all households, but most of them.

Time for women to flex those muscles, give it a shot.

Time to get tested and judged, too.

Yes, unfortunately leadership comes with scrutiny. When one leads, one is expected to measure up to a number of expectations. So yeah, one of these days the jury’s going to be in with their verdict on the new leadership, one of many verdicts to follow.

I’m curious what they have to say.

The jury, of course, is none other than time. Genderless, impersonal egofucker, Time likes to speak in terms of outcomes and results. Time loves outcomes and results.

Which is why men hate Time, on account of Time not having been favorable to them.

Fucking cry-babies!

I hope the women fare better than the men.

Meanwhile, across the pond, Hillary or Trump? Well, in this case, it’s a matter of two very different paths strewn with garden variety limitations. It’s sad to admit, but it’s limitations all the way to Nov 2016, all the way through to 2020, the difference being one of degree.

Sorry folks, Daniels/McAvoy is right. We’re down to two very poor choices arising from a very poor setup, all on the backdrop of a huge waste of energy, a series of setbacks that have ruined the once brilliant potential of a way of life eager — and able — to lead the way into the new millennium. Opportunity wasted.

Where we go from here, good question. Where DO we go from here? Let’s wait for ‘McAvoy’s’ next video, he might have a few ideas. Hopefully his research assistants will do a better job next time round, getting their facts straight, or at least look into them more closely. Maybe he’ll make valid statements next time round rather than spew out a bunch of sharp-sounding but meaningless data.

‘Liberia.’ Ha!

Give me a break!

Though, to be fair, as mentioned earlier, Daniels did get it right on Cyprus, kind of. I’m sure it was unintentional, but there’s something to be said about getting it right, even unintentionally.

Let’s wait and see.

Until then, remember: Time is watching. Time is always watching.

From a particularly persnickety Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind extra sharp.