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NATO Wrestlemania

Somewhere in the NATO Headquarters . . .

The infamous Montenegro Shove went down in history as the stupidest move on the diplomatic stage, the most unnecessary show of crassness.

But not long after, it met its match: La Macro-Manoeuvre. Observe how it’s done, the smooth swerve, the suaveness of it, followed by an ingenious double-take before the final turn toward His Royal Lowness Bighair Littlefingers.

Also observe the Dislocating Handshake after that, applied by HRL Bighair Littlefingers, which looks rather silly, something like a Windmill Punch. Probably a countermeasure to Le Fingercrush Handshake applied earlier by Nuel Macron.

Behold, our Nato leaders, squabbling between themselves using body language, for everyone to see and laugh at.

Good entertainment value? Or a laughing stock?

Or perhaps both?

Having said that, Macron’s stock is rising in my books. There is something reassuringly steadfast in those eyes, in that posture and demeanor. I gathered that from a number of recent videos, to which this serves as the icing on the cake.

Whether that turns out well, with everyone content, or if it results in a bout of extreme indigestion, who knows? Remember, the French have a complicated history with cake.

Time will tell.

Meanwhile the show continues, with the Trump Wrestlemania Circus infecting the halls of power in good old variegated Europe.

And we thought it couldn’t get more ridiculous.

It will probably get even worse, but, for now, we laugh out loud, dreaming of a return to sanity, sweet fleeting sanity, the alternative to which is stale cake, warehouses of which are waiting to be dished out to everyone, sooner rather than later by the looks of things.

From your deliciously punctuated and ROFLing Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp, stitches splitting, belly rumbling.